Living Danishly Frozen lake panoramic

The daytime temperature right now is three degrees away from our freezer’s temperature. A bit fresh! It’s actually not too bad until the wind starts to blow. Then it’s like the dentist has injected your entire face with that numbing stuff. But today was nice because there was no wind.…

Board Games Taluva 7.8

Taluva is a three-dimensional tile laying game for 1-4 players designed by Marcel-Andrew Casasola Merkle. It is a beautiful game with colourful tiles and wonderfully elegant wooden temples, towers and huts. The game is simple to teach and play, coming with only a 4 sided rule book, but has a…

United States DSC_3311

I remember thinking to myself during the last week of the National Parks how it would be nice to get back into civilisation a bit and have an explore of a town. After about an hour of walking round San Francisco all I wanted was to get back into the…

United States Highway 1 - Bixby Creek Bridge

Coming across from Utah and Arizona we joined the coastal California route just north of Los Angeles and over the course of three days drove up through Monterey and then onwards briefly into the Point Reyes National Seashore, just north of San Francisco. After an incredibly cold night in a…

United States Humpback-tail-flukes

The air around Monterey Harbour was alive with the barking of Californian sea lions. We booked ourselves in to the morning whale watching tour with ‘Monterey Bay Whale Watch’, and spent time on their dock watching a very cute sea otter who was diving for molluscs to eat.

United States DSC_2064_5_6_tonemapped

The day we spent in Monument Valley was one of the more expensive as we paid for a Jeep tour, but it was so so worth it. We did not have to worry about driving the rental car around as it is just a dirt track and quite bumpy in…

United States 1915SMALL

Canyonlands is a beautiful place. After spending some time in Arches National Park we drove up to Island in the Sky and walked along to Mesa Arch. The views were epic, and the beauty raw and untamed. It felt at times we had the entire national park to ourselves.

United States

Arches was one of our favourite National Parks by far; it is quite surreal walking underneath natural rock arches that make you feel as small as ants. 

United States DSC_0999_1000_1001_tonemapped

After an amazing two and a half days in Zion National Park we ventured north to Bryce Canyon. We got up very early from our Zion campsite in time to arrive in Bryce Canyon at 8.30 am.  Bryce Canyon is not really a canyon at all; in fact it is…


One of our favourite dog forests is Præstevang in Hillerød. There is a very pretty lake in the centre, surrounded by a dense forest of deciduous trees. Lots of smaller paths run off of the big central path, so there is lots to explore. We visited in the early morning last…

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